Using Fios with AV Receiver AND TV audio

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I recently switched from a Denon AVRS500BT to an older Yamaha RXV375 receiver.  With the Denon I was able to view Fios when the revceiver was on (with audio going through my surround speakers), but I could also turn the receiver off and just watch Fios using my televsion's speakers.  This was more convenient for my wife and son who rarely feel like bothering with the receiver. 

With the new receiver, I am unable to watch Fios unless the receiver is on.  Can anyone help me find the correct "pathway" for the HDMI cables so that I can replicate my old setup?  Everything seems to be in the same type of inputs, so I'm not sure what the difference is. 

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Re: Using Fios with AV Receiver AND TV audio
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Hope this gets you going in the right direction.

If this does not work for you

Equipment Model No. ?

Set Top Box

Re: Using Fios with AV Receiver AND TV audio
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It may be an issue with receiver.

It is possible that the Yamaha does not support pass through while powered off but the Denon does.

You can try to do the following:

Connect HDMI direcvtly from STB to TV.

Then use audio out of TV as input to receiver.

That would also allow any other devices you have hooked to TV to ahve their audio available to recever.