Why do I lose certain channels?

I have the extreme package - which used to consist of the GSN and El Rey network.

Now I have been told that they are no longer included in that package - if I want them I can spend more $$ on the Ultimate package. Why does Fios keep on doing that - seems kind of shady to me. My question has Fios violated there own contract with me?

Can I get out of it with out termination fees? Seems to me they are not honoring their own word. Spoke to customer service yesterday - they were no help - just basically trying to get me to spend more $$. My question is who can I complain to about this and is anybody else getting the same run around?

Re: Why do I lose certain channels?
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Unfortunately not.

Contract allows Verizon, and is the case for most if not all vendors, to add move or delete channels during the term.

Content providers get paid per subscriber to a package regardless of the number of actualy viewers. So if they raise rates, a cable provider could remove a channel from lower packages or altogether.