District/Regional Manager Contact Needed.

I am a new Verizon FiOS customer. Upon receiving my router from Verizon I had run into many issues that prevented me from actually receiving the proper bandwidth in which I was paying for so I replaced the router with one of my own.

The technician on the phone informed be about 2 months ago that they would send me out a return box so that I could bring the router into one of the TCC locations in my area to receive the $10.00 a month credit on my account, instead of paying for something I am not using.

I waited two full billing cycles and long and behold the box never showed and for the past two months I have been paying for something I have not used. I had my girlfriend bring the box to the nearest TCC retailer at 1475 Western Ave, Albany NY 12203.

Upon arrival she was greeted by a man whom of which has no business being in customer service. He was backlashing at a customer before them talking condescendingly about their knowledge of said devices they were asking questions about. After he was done with that customer, my girlfriend and her brother walked up to the man to a less than warm greeting to say the least. The man had an attitude the entire time they were dealing with him. He helped her brother out with his phone, whilst giving him the utmost disrespect on any remark he had made such as. Brother lightly joking saying "Wow, I didn't realize my phone was so small its always in a case." and the rebuttal of the Employee as "You're an idiot your case isn't even bulky, you don't know anything you should see what I deal with on a daily basis."

Aside from the disparaging remarks, my girlfriend handed him the Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway and advised him we have internet only and we are running our service on our own router, and no longer need to pay the equipment charge. The man grabbed the router with aggressive body language and said sure fine I can help you. Yet, little did we know. He did not just return the router... He TERMINATED OUR SERVICE. And didn't even inform my girlfriend he was doing so.

Upon getting home at 8:50pm on 05/01/2018, I realized our internet was off; this was the first time either of us had realized what had happened. I immediately called customer service and explained my situation and asked for a supervisor to assist me with the issue since the representative on the phone was not qualified to answer the questions I was asking. He gave me an attitude saying let me put you on hold for a while, picked up the phone after 30 minutes which this is now 9:10pm to tell me he is speaking to his supervisor and needs me to wait. I was then on hold until 11:15pm when the call disconnected on its own. When I called back I received an automated message that the billing department closed at 10:00pm. Thanks for the heads up.

I then called your global service overseas for customer service and was on the phone until 1:15am, just to be told that my service is going to be off until 05/07/18 and there is nothing that they can do about it. The woman on the phone was more than helpful from customer service and moved my date up to 05/03/18. Which means that I am now out of service for 24 hours. I have spent more than 8 hours on the phone figuring this out, for a mistake made by a less than courteous consultant at your TCC location in Stuyvesant Plaza.

I called this morning and received a credit for the month that was due last of my service  due to the fact that I am out of service and now cannot complete my school work at home due to this issue. Thank you to that supervisor.

I called the TCC location today to speak to a manager who then hung up the phone on me during my formal complaint. I then called back and asked for the district managers number due to the fact of how rude he was. And I was refused for the reason of "It is what it is, there's nothing that I can do about it"

The managers name is Adam, I am unaware of the employees name, though through my receipt I am sure we can investigate and find out. I am reaching out to have this employees actions addressed, as well as Adam's for being a **bleep** poor representation of what a manager should do when handling a customer complaint.

If you have the contact information for the district/regional manager for the North East, that would be fantastic. I look forward to hearing from you.

Re: District/Regional Manager Contact Needed.

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.