New Verizon Visa Card issued by Synchrony Bank

Verizon offers a new Visa card.  I will admit it was offered from Verizon Wireless.  I signed up and got the card.  I was told I could pay my Verizon bills every month and earn device dollars, points on every purchase.  The wireless billing on the credit card was fine.  I went to switch to pay my monthly Fios bill and it is not accepted.  Mind you this is a Verizon Visa Card issued through Synchrony Bank.   This makes no sense.  I can use the card to purchase accessories like a remote or a new router but I am unable to pay the Fios bill with it because it is a credit card so I am not gaining any monthly rewards.   I have been with Verizon over 20 years ...  can’t figure out why Verizon would make such a business move and than not offer the rewards to customers like Verizon Wireless does.  Please help me understand.   

Re: New Verizon Visa Card issued by Synchrony Bank

Not much to understand. If you read the disclosures at verizon wireless for the verizon card and the perks associated with it, the card can be used for autopay on Verizon wireless only at this time. They state they will expand it to the fios at a later date.

the new perk is being able to use the verizon card in autopay where normally it is debit or bank account to get $10 off per line. It further states if you set up or use the verizon card to pay your wireless invoice a bonus $100 will be deducted over 24 months.

that is about $4 off your monthly invoice in addition to the $10 off per line.

now if you bundled your fios into your wireless then the payment and perks work on each, but basically on the wireless side as of now.

I have the card, not that I need it since I will never do auto pay and the points back are only good on Verizon. My other cards give much higher cash and point values back than this card.