Utility Pole Safety Hazard


I have a utility pole in my back yard that is overcome with vines to the extent that it has become a safety hazard to my three children and dog.  I moved to this home approximately one year ago and the previous owners let this problem persist and literally grow out of control.  I have contacted both my local electric company (PSEGLI) and the Town of Hempstead (where I reside) about this problem.  Both entities informed me that Verizon owns the pole and the lower lines that the vines have entangled with and begun to damage.  Please assist as soon as possible.  (See attached photos of this problem.). Thank you for your time, and please assist as soon as possible.  IMG_7212.jpegIMG_7213.jpegIMG_7216.jpegIMG_7217.jpeg

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Town of Hempstead?

Hello from Town of Oyster Bay.

VZ may own the lower portion of the pole but that's not where the danger lines.

Lower communication lines are all fiber. They are glass wire and does not carry any voltage.

The problem is the higher voltage on the PSEG owned power lines at the upper portion. Those could result in a ground short and knock out a 10 kV fuse to black out your neighborhood.