Using Router with Verizon Jetpack

Have Verizon 4G LTE jetpack Mobile Hotspot. Using a router to extend the number of connections to the jetpack. Curious as to how this might impact the internet speeds when effectively 15 devices are utilizing the jetpack internet connection?


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You can find out the answer with some testing:

1. Connect your devices in the way you prefer

2. Navigate to and get a baseline of your performance from a few machines

3. Do some stuff

4. Go back and retest

5. Document the differences

6. Repeat as often as necessary to build a picture of what your connected devices and internet consumption habits have on the jetpack.

Something to keep in mind.  If you are using a normal home wireless router as the main access point for all 15 devices then the home router is going to do the majority of the WiFi heavy lifting for you.  All the Jetpack cares about in this scenario is talking with the home router, which is effectively one connection.

That being said, there are ways to improve performance in your home with this setup:

1. Set the connection between the Jetpack and the Home router to 5.0 GHz, let all the home connections stay on 2.4GHz.  This will cut down on interference between the Jetpack and home router.

2. Keep the Jetpack as close to the home router as you can.  This will cut down on distance issues between the Jetpack and home router.

3. Migrate anything that is critically important to Ethernet cable.  This will further clean up the airwaves for your home router to communicate with the Jetpack and your other devices.  The fewer WiFi hops for your critical devices the better.

4. Move your 2.4 GHz devices to channel 1,6, or 11 depending on what is currently the most occupied in your home.  This will cut down on cross talk and interference.


depends how fast of a plan you're paying for thru your isp....wi-fi isn't a freebie!

from a router there's only so much bandwidth, streaming a movie, downloading the same, playing a game, watching multiple sports events, etc

my wife's phone is on wi-fi at home + we can be watchhing netflix on 2 big tv's, much more & the old buffering indication is on the screen.

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To me....fifteen devices seems like a lot to be running off of a Jetpack. I'd be concerned about data consumption. Slow downs due to network congestion would also need to be taken into account. Would going with a land-based Internet service (DSL/FiOS/U-Verse) be doable at the particular location?