Verizon Jetpack

I really need help, I'm trying to sign into the Admin Web Interface on my computer, but I need a password, the only issue is, I dropped the jetpack a while back and the screen is cracked and black on the left side.

The cracked screen isnt much of an issue, I can still turn on my computer and connect to the jetpack's wifi, but I can't do anything with the jetpack except check its battery life. That means I cant get the password either.

I'm wondering if anyone from Verizon can help.

Re: Verizon Jetpack
Customer Service Rep

Help is here for you, thelonelyme1. We're sorry to hear your device is damaged, but glad you are still able to connect and use it. It's important you are able to get signed into your admin page. Your password is normally the device id which can be found on the back of the device. Check out this video to learn more, If you continue to have trouble, please tell us more about what happens when trying to log in.