Need help understanding my Fios ONT, battery back up and router.


I have been a Fios internet only customer for the past 4 years. I'm looking into switching my Fios internet connection from coax to Ethernet. However, my original Fios installation does not make sense to me and I don't know where to start. 

How my Fios system is currently setup,

I have a Fios ONT that is mounted to the side of my house. When I open the ONT cover I see two available connections, a cable out and an ethernet. Currently, the cable out connection is being used and the ethernet is not. A cable runs from this cable out to the Fios battery back up unit which is mounted inside my crawl space. This battery back up is plugged into an electrical outlet that is inside my crawl space.

I also have another cable leaving my ONT that is mounted to the side of my house. This cable is not accessible when opening the ONT cover. I would need a socket wrench to open another cover to access it. This cable goes from my ONT to a small coax splitter inside my crawl space. From the splitter it goes up to a coax wall jack inside one of my bedrooms. From the coax wall jack it goes to the Fios MI424WR, rev I router.

I currently use the router for a wireless connection to my blu-ray player. My blu-ray player is in the same bedroom as the Fios router. I use this wireless connection to watch/stream youtube and it works great. I also use the router for a wireless connection to my desktop PC in another room. This wireless connection does not work good at all and is almost unusable. The router must stay in the room it's in and want to have a wired connection to my desktop PC. 

My questions,

Why is the cable coming from the ONT's cable out port, going to the Fios battery back up and not the coax splitter, (router)?

Why is the other cable coming from the ONT's (I don't have access to this port)  going to the coax splitter, (router) and not the battery back up? 

What is the point of the battery back up unit? If the power goes out I lose the router which connects my two devices? Plus my two devices need to have power in the first place in order to work?

If I want to use the ethernet port from the ONT to both of my wired devices, what is the point of the router?

Should I just run an ethernet cable from the ONT to an ethernet splitter and then to two ethernet wall jacks? I would have one ethernet jack in the room for my blu-ray player and another ethernet jack in the room for my desktop PC.


I'm also having trouble understanding how all this can affect a possible TV connection in the future. I know I want to change over to ethernet for my internet connection for future speeds.



Router has to have a solo connection from ONT to WAN port.

Then any other devices will connect to lan ports of the router.

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