BOMBARDED with scam calls from the 980 and 631 area code
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Today and this past Friday, I have been bombarded with scam calls in 20 minute intervals from the 980 area code.  It started Friday afternoon around 3 pm ET, stopped around 5:00, then started again around 9:30 this morning.  And many are not legitimate numbers; they come through as 9801xxxxxxx.  Call filter blocks them, but I also have YouMail set up, and until I set up the option to not let them leave a voicemail, they were able to circumvent the YouMail app and go straight to my regular voicemail, rendering YouMail useless.  Now it seems they’ve moved on to using the 631 area code as well.  No scam calls for months and now I feel like my phone has been hijacked. Has anyone else been bombarded with scam calls the last 2 days (as I typed this, I just received ANOTHER one from [redacted]).  I’m ready to either suspend service or forward all calls to my local PD because it seems NOTHING is being done to stop this.

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Re: BOMBARDED with scam calls from the 980 and 631 area code
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Hello, ShadyJake 75. Unwanted calls are frustrating, so I understand your concern when you keep getting them. I see that you have Call Filter. Did you get a chance to block the 631 calls? You also have the option to register on the National Do Not Call Registry: Does this help?