Billing error
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My wife paid our bill to an account number we had in the past, upon realizing the mistake we contacted verizon and placed a ticket. we received an email stating the issue was resolved and the correct account was funded the payment. After a couple days our account was shut off and i cannot reach anyone until my account is paid...which it is. what can I do?

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Re: Billing error

First of all be aware that the community is not necessarily the best way of reaching out to Verizon. You should still be able to use chat or call 611.   


Meanwhile how did you pay your bill?
Check in the mail?   (Teeth sucking sound and wince)

when you received an email that your account had been credited, did you log into your account to see that that indeed happened? I’m thinking not.  (Wince again)

For goodness sake‘s it’s time to get with the 21st-century. If my 84-year-old mother can manage to Venmo cash to someone then you need to start getting with it. If you were using auto pay or at least logging into your account and paying electronically there is no way your payment can get lost or be applied to the incorrect account.  

When you send a check in the mail with the wrong account number on it, someone has to manually match up the check with your phone call, and the correct account number. Not only is that a pain in the neck, but it’s gonna take some time.  

Has the payment cleared your bank account? If not put a stop on the check and pay your bill now online.  

Re: Billing error
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We want to ensure you get the right help. How many days has it passed since the payment posted to the active account?