Can I trade in my phone in a physical store?
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I just upgraded my 2 iPhones with a trade in promotion through a few very long and painful calls to sales.  It's been a day, and I still do not see any email confirmation or packing slip indicating I will be getting boxes or how to trade in my phone. We did store pick up and have the new phones already.  I am seeing SO many horror stories of trading in the phone through the mail.  I have called 2 customer service reps and one claimed the email should be there by end of day (it's not here) and another telling me the email will come and the boxes will show up too by today. We have received conflicting information about when the trade in needs to arrive to the warehouse (14 days from when you get the phone or 14 days from when you get the box).  Regardless, I would rather do the trade in in a store so they can't claim damaged phone upon arrival. 

Not feeling too confident in this trade in (it's $1280 in credits) and hope I didn't make a mistake and just should have purchased direct from apple.

Re: Can I trade in my phone in a physical store?
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I can see your concern as many have had problems with trade instead via mail and store not sure any of those got resolved or not but if you go into the store I would call first and ask I would also get a receipt from store etc 

Re: Can I trade in my phone in a physical store?
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I am a consumer too and I sincerely understand your concerns about your trade-in devices and the promotions associated with them, tlc240. Lamentably, promotional trade-ins cannot be processed at the store when you order online. We are confident that you will get your shipping materials for your trade-in as our previous representatives told you before. If you prefer, you can also request shipping materials directly from our trade-in team as per number 8 a this link (