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I recently started new service with Verizon and, although I was initially very pleased with the service and customer service that I received with "Cam" at the Shelburne (VT) location after my horrific experience with an agent at the Williston, VT location, I walked away recently feeling dissatisfied and not really valued as a customer. I walked away feeling like I was just rushed to get me out of the way, not valued as a customer and I left the store with not many solutions to the issues that I have relating to my phone and the phone's service but a high bill and a feeling that I've made a mistake by choosing Verizon.

I'd made an appointment with "Cam" days earlier and he was about 15 minutes late and never apologized for being late and the agent who had been assisting me prior to Cam's arrival really wasn't concerned about the issues that I had with service or the phone and he was seemingly more concerned about me paying my bill and once I paid my bill, he was essentially done with me and eager to dispatch "Cam" to take over from there.

I explained to them both that many callers are complaining of not being able to hear me clearly on the phone, which is one of the primary reasons for me opting for Verizon from my previous phone carrier, and it's upsetting that I'm STILL plagued with the SAME issues that interferes with my phone service and yet I'm having to pay MORE for the SAME lackluster phone service. Neither agent seemed to care and dismissed this altogether.

I explained to Cam that I'm oftentimes not getting adequate service in order to watch videos, livestream videos and record videos, which is another primary reason for opting for Verizon and this issue was dismissed too. Reluctantly, I opted to purchase a tablet as as a supplemental source of possibly rectifying this issue under the guise that I was getting a discount, but I didn't really get a discount at all...just another bill.

I explained that I'm not able to complete the setup for the autopay option and that was dismissed too. So I'm still stuck with a higher monthly bill than I initially agreed to until this is issue is resolved...if it will be resolved...whenever that is.

I felt like a piece of **Bleep** as I walked away and I don't like feeling like this as a paying customer.


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Customer Service Rep

This certainly is not the way we want our customers to feel, especially after they've just started service. Your feedback is noted and has been lifted up through our leadership team. We are more than happy to assist with your signal issues. What is the zip code and the nearest intersection of the trouble area? As for the autopay system, where are you not able to complete the process? Have you tried using our automated system, 866-868-3882, to input your debit or checking account information? GregL_VZW