Feeling lost- Month 5 of Verizon refusing to give us agreed upon credit for phones we traded in!

We've actually had multiple issues with Verizon, including it taking almost 6 hours to port our lines over when we signed up (during which time we were all stuck in the local store).  There were honestly so many red flags that I really wish we'd paid attention to.   However, I'll stick to the most serious issue we're trying to resolve.  In short, we've spent the last five months trying to get Verizon to give us the credit they promised for 5 phones we turned in when we signed our contract.  We've spent over 25 hours on calls and have also visited several stores, including the one where we signed the contract and purchased our  phones, all to no avail.  BTW, the store visits happened because the reps on the 1-800 line told us this would be the best way to resolve the issue- it wasn't.  Like everyone else who's dealt with Verizon's billing issues, every time we call we have to tell our entire story all over again (despite being assured on the previous calls that they've added notes to our account/ticket to prevent this).  At one point we even put the manager of the Verizon store where we bought the phones on speaker while we had a supervisor from the 1-800 number on speaker, thinking they could talk with each other and resolve the issue.  The supervisor struggled with understanding the billing issue and literally everything we said,  which was odd and very frustrating.  After being on hold for almost an hour to talk with this supervisor, it was shocking that they were even more useless than the rep who transferred us to them.  The supervisor told the store manager that they never received all of our phones and accused the store of not sending them in!  They argued back and forth for a while and, like all of the other calls, nothing was resolved.   We have attorneys in the family and are considering what our options might be if this doesn't get resolved asap.  We have lots of evidence to support what's happened to us, and  I've kept detailed notes of every communication.  I have also considered posting complaints on social media and warning others not just about Verizon in general, but also about the local store where we signed the contract and submitted our trade-ins.  I have never experienced anything like this in my life!!  If anyone has any suggestions, please share them!!

Re: Feeling lost- Month 5 of Verizon refusing to give us agreed upon credit for phones we traded in!
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