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I was trying to switch from my current provider ATT to Verizon.  I purchased an iPhone online and was given a number to call for my credit check. I called the number waited for over 30 minutes and was able to complete the credit check by phone. The following morning I received another e-mail stating that my identity must be verified prior to picking up my iPhone from the Verizon store.  So I called the number waited for 35 minutes then gave up since I had things to do.  Later that day I tried again, after waiting on hold for an hour I was able to talk to someone.  They told me to copy my drivers license and submit it to them which I did.  I was put on hold again and then the representative came back and said they could not verify my identity and my order was being cancelled.  I asked them why and they could not answer any questions they only told me my order was cancelled.  Frustrated after waisting over 2 hours of my life on hold over the past two days I continued to probe them why?  No answer, just cancelled my order.  So then I went to the Verizon store to ask if they could answer my question of why my order was cancelled since I know it wasn't related to my credit score +800.  I waited for another 25 minutes and talked to a representative who told me that I would have to attempt to purchase a phone so that they could try and duplicate the problem.  The same thing happened again and after talking to the store manager they had no idea why? 

I have had a cell phone with brand T,S, and A over the past 20+ years and have never encountered anything remotely close to this.  Has anyone experienced this before and if so what was the reason?  I guess I will stick with brand "A" since Verizon has done a banner job of waisting my time, not wanting my money and leaving me in the dark!

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So I had a smililar situation , only in my case, I went through the whole process online of the credit check and ordering the phone and service and even paid for the upfront tax and insurance  out of my personal bank account . I got a confirmation email welcoming me to Verizon, listing my new phone number and account info. Then later, upon clicking on the "track order status", a message popped up stating I needed to contact Verizon so I clicked on the link they provided... Which by the way LED to nothing but an error message and me spending the next 2 hours on the phone with different Verizon customer service representatives in different departments trying to figure out where my account was no one could locate it by number or phone number or anything. I was finally referred over to fraud where they informed me that I needed to verify my ID I had filled out the application twice because I had saved a cart and when I went back because I was waiting for my direct deposit the car was gone and said there was no cart saved under my email address. So I ended up talking to fraud who then told me that I needed to upload my documents to verify my identity being a driver's license or passport and then a utility bill in my name showing my current address. Remind you, I was with Verizon for 13 years and ended the service when their new unlimited everything service began and I no longer had service in my own house after being part of the grandfather didn't clause that gave us the best service of any company out there it was worth paying for so I just went to another company equal to the service I was getting in my house by Verizon that cost about half the price. Anyway my point being I'm not new to their company I had moved that was the only difference. So I gathered my stuff and to this website and upon clicking on the link where I was supposed to upload my documents again I was given an error message that said I tried about five times and I could not get it to work. So I then called fraud again and told them I could not upload them due to and error message on their end and they gave me another link to try. Of course by this time they were getting ready to close and I only had until 10:00 p.m. that night to verify my identity and the link they sent me didn't work either by the time I could get back in touch with them they were closed and my order was canceled. That's all fine and dandy it was for a new Samsung by the way however Verizon held on to my money for over a week and would not release the pending hold which obviously was coming from my bank account with my name on it they had no problem taking my money obviously was mine or it would have been stopped by the bank yet they refused to verify who I was I wasted probably 4 days and countless hours on the phone with people trying to work it out and it never happened. This was supposed to be a birthday present to myself happy birthday to me anyway I don't want to go back to Verizon now I couldn't care less it took me  5 minutes to go over to company T and fill out an application and they accepted my application in no time.

Very disappointed in Verizon and their customer service I paid $175 a month mostly because of the service but also because of the customer service they provided they have really gone downhill since then unfortunately. I am 54 years old and I retired from the government I don't have the patience to sit on the phone for 4 or 5 hours and put up with this kind of Bologna... when you're holding my money without any problem. Haven't been given a way to upload my documents, and had it worked I would have done it with no issue. Why don't you have some kind of system with video chat to verify someone's ID? Then you know you're actually dealing with it that person... anyone can upload someone's driver's license just the same as they can fill out a cell phone application. I don't see what the security is in it. It literally makes no sense, not common sense anyway.