Losing device promotion
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I traded in three phones on my account during a device promo for iPhone 13s. At that time, the lines were on the Start Unlimited plan. Last month I was charged $10 extra for each of those lines. When I asked, I was told the plans don’t exist anymore and to change the plan or continue to be charged. I moved to the unlimited welcome plans for all three lines.

Fast forward three weeks, I received three emails indicating that those same lines no longer qualify for their device promos and to “change back” to the former plan. I spent two hours in the local Verizon location to be told it was a mistake and shouldn’t have been sent. 

I received  three emails today that the promo was removed and the next bill has increased by over $55. 

had anyone else had this issue? Seems like every time I change my plan something gets screwed up and I have to spend hours trying to fix something that “shouldn’t have happened”.  

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Re: Losing device promotion
Customer Service Rep

TRACERANN, we are sorry to read about your billing concerns and your experience with getting conflicting information. We will be sending you a Private Message so that we can gather some additional specific details from you so that we can further assist.