No coverage areas in 95018 zip code, for years
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Hey Verizon Support:  I'm reporting that there are at least 3 "no coverage" zones in the zip code 95018 area (Felton, CA), around Graham Hill Rd, and Zayante Rd.  These dead zones have existed for years, and it's very frustrating.  There's a Santa Cruz County sheriff's annex, and the Zayante Fire Dept station located in these zones, and lack of any signal in these dead zones is not only inconvenient, but also potentially serious to our First Responders.  Please send a technician up Zayante Rd from the Graham Hill intersection, and they'll immediately see the issue.  Likewise, down Graham Hill towards Santa Cruz (i.e. going south) from Zayante Rd, the signal drops out completely on the incline next to Roaring Camp.   Again, it's obvious to someone testing for a tower signal.  This lack of coverage has existed for many years.  Please try to fix it.

Re: No coverage areas in 95018 zip code, for years
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We know how important it is to make sure that your service is always working, and we want to make sure that we are able to help out. Could you provide us with additional details of what issues you have in the area?