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I have been with Verizon for nearly 18 years... we have two phones. Recently we upgraded to a newer phone but kept the same phone number. We followed the packett in the box (A samsung galaxy S22) and completed the activation. The phone works but we notice some issues HOWEVER when I went to my 'online' 'my verizon account I saw that the new phone was "NOT registered"... as I tried to register it via a link on Verizon's site it wanted all new credentials for my "account management" of 17 years, that is ridiculous. I need to 'simply' finish the registration that somehow was not completed even as we diligently followed the guide that came with the Verizon package. Rather disgusting to waste now some 8 hours trying to get a phone registered in the system that is already working.

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Re: Non-registered phone
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Hello, Bonedoc. It's important to access your account with ease, so thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please check your private messages for further assistance. -Tracy