PRL, no access

I pre-PAID for unlimited talk, text, data; US, Canada, Mexico.

Verizon Network would not allow me to make calls when less than 150mi from my home! I had no access to landlines and I NEEDED that service. 

I  should not have had to re-dial the number and listen to a recording telling me I don't have enough funds to make the call; use a phone card to complete-- I haven't left the country and I'm not DIALING outside the country.

*228 does not apply to this phone (or the other phone-device on this account; both are prepay sims, neither one can connect away from hometown🤨)but I tried it anyway- a dozen times; I shut devices off- a dozen times...Please! Tell me wat I must do to be allowed on the network.  I'll stand on my head, do cartwheels, pet the fone in a certain direction... anything🥴

Thanx in advance.


Re: PRL, no access
Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to make sure that you are able to get the performance you need, JKDM, and hopefully with the bare minimum of cartwheels and headstands. What troubleshooting steps did you perform? With most 4G LTE and 5G devices, the Preferred Roaming List, or PRL, can be updated by restarting the device, resetting the network settings, or temporarily powering off the device, removing the SIM Card, putting it back in, and powering it on again. What make and model of device are you using? Is this occurring in a specific location, or anywhere past a certain distance from your town?