Return Nightmare
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I ordered a new phone though My Verizon on the Verizon website.  Before I even received the phone I decided that I would have preferred a different model.  When the phone arrived 4 days later I proceeded to determine the process for returning it.  I went to My Verizon and clicked on My Orders. Surprisingly there was nothing here, except a message that "Your orders will appear here".  Below was a link on how to print a return label, so I tried this.  The instructions were similar, Go to MY Orders and select the item to return.  It had a link, but same thing - No Orders. 

So I called Verizon.  The frustrating voice assistant kept sending a link to my phone (that I never asked for),  I wanted to speak with a real person.  After several tries I was put on hold for a real person. After a 20 minute wait, my call was answered.  I explained that I wanted to return my phone. I was then sent to another department and was put on hold for a second time. Since I was still logged in to MY Verizon, I also tried the Chat option. This had a long wait as well, but finally the Chat was answered.  I explained that I wanted to return my newly purchased phone. They replied "No problem, you have 14 days.  You can take it to your local Verizon store or I can send you a Return Kit."  I replied "Return Kit Please".  They then confirmed my mailing address and stated that I would receive the return kit in 3-5 days.  In 5 days I received an envelope from Verizon. Certainly this was the return kit - WRONG.  They had sent me a  "Getting Started" document that was little more than directions to the Verizon website.

By now I was nearly half way through my 14 day return period.  So I figured I would just return the phone to my local Verizon store, as I had been instructed was an option. The next morning I took time off from work and went to the Verizon store.  I was rudely told that if I purchased the phone on the website it could not be returned at the store and I would have to mail the phone back to Verizon.

Now I was very upset.  I went back to my office and called Verizon. Once again I had to navigate the frustrating voice assistant that was determined to send a link to my phone. After a 10 minute wait I was able to speak with a real person. It was quickly evident that this support person with either new or poorly trained. She did not know what a return kit was and put me on hold.  She then could not find my order and put me on hold again. She then came back and told me to take the phone to my local Verizon store. I advised her that I had just got back from there and they would not take it. She then put me on hold for a fourth time. When she came back, she wanted to send me a link to the website to print my label.  I was now getting upset and told her, "I already tried that and it doesn't work".  She then put me on hold again. At this point I could tell that she was as lost and frustrated as I was. I figured she would not return. I was right, after about 3 minutes - Click - Dial Tone.  I was hung up on.


I called back again.  When I finally got a real person they asked how I was.  I was honest and said "terrible". I briefly went over all the grief I had been put through.  Again he wanted to send me a link.  I let him try, praying that by some miracle the system was fixed. He sent the link and I kept him on the phone while I tried to make it work.  No luck, same thing - "Your orders will appear here", but no orders listed. He put me on hold and checked with technical. He came back and said that "There is a 48 hour issue and we won’t be able to print a return label."  I don't know if this was true or not since this issue had been going on for much longer than 48 hours. So he then offered the solution of express mailing me a hard copy of the label.  Again I confirmed my address.  He said that I would receive the return label the next business day or in two days at the most.  I waited 3 days and still no label. 

So lets Review:

Can't print a return label from the Verizon website

Can't return phone to the local Verizon store

Verizon seems to be incapable of mailing me a return label.

What options do I have?  I finally found the address for returns on this community forum and generated my own label at my own expense.  I'm sure Verizon will still charge me the $50, which I would imaging should include some of the charge for the label that they never provided. I switched to Verizon 5 years ago and paid a little more to do it. I didn't mind because I figured I would at least get better customer service. Sadly this is not the case. It's as if Verizon has no leadership what so ever. Very disappointed and frustrated. This was by far my poorest experience ever.


Re: Return Nightmare
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Others have reported same problem the people on phone or chat seem to only know there script and nothing else I just had one tech person sit silent for hour 2nd call to report this I might as well been talking every language at once as she couldn't care at all and went silent herself 

Re: Return Nightmare
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Oh, no! That is definitely not the experience we want for you, baysouth99. We want to ensure you get the help you need, and we apologize that this has been such a long process. We are going to send a Private Note, please be on the lookout for that.