Teacher Discount--Not working for us
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Please help me.  My wife and I are both teachers.  We submitted our valid California teaching credentials through ID.me and they were validated.  However, we received this message:  

"Your affiliation has been validated, and your account has been updated.
Your wireless plan is not currently eligible for monthly fee discounts.* If at any time you choose to update to an eligible plan, your discount will be automatically applied."  

According to your website (if I understand correctly), we are on the GoUnlimited plan, so we should be eligible.  What is going on?  Thanks!


Chris Hendrickson 

Re: Teacher Discount--Not working for us
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Hello, agee1. We appreciate your dedication to all your students during this challenging time. We realize the importance of getting the teacher's discount, so I'm here to help. Please check your private messages for details.


Re: Teacher Discount--Not working for us
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I have tried for 5 months to get my discount. It’s sad that teacher have to jump through hoops to be honored. I’m switching my service. 

Re: Teacher Discount--Not working for us
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