Verizon App Manager auto-installing apps
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I'm sure there has to be setting to disable the automatic installation of applications. I know there is for applications from the Play Store.


If this is a big issue for you ,you might want to consider purchasing unlocked phone models that aren't tied to an carrier to prevent the Verizon app from being pre-installed. Otherwise, log out of the application, don't use that application, and if possible disable the application on your current phone. For example, I've been a VZW customer for 10+ years and many of those years had the Verizon application pre-installed on my phones. I have never once used the application for accessing my VZW account or this community. It also means I've never had applications downloaded automatically via the VZW application. The Google Play Store tried it a couple of times when they introduced instant apps or something like that, but I shut that down quickly once I figured how to change those settings. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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For those of you fed with Verizon secretly installing apps without your consent, Go to Settings > Apps  & then click on the 3 stacked dots or stack of 3 lines with a ✔️  or other version of  the 'more options' used by your device and then click the Show System Apps slider to enable it & click OK.  Then go through  the list to find Verizon App Manager & Disable it. (Yes, Verizon has this hidden to make it harder for their customers to disable it. There is *NO WAY TO REMOVE IT*.)  If Verizon  lies to you (and yes it is a bald faced lie) and claims they don't do this, I received  a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ on August 31, 2023 that had this hidden app manager installed that was installing apps after the tablet setup was completed without the user permission or agreement.  So, the apps it installs were NOT pre-installed & were installed without the user's permission or agreement.