Where do I leave a store employee review?

I looked at a couple old threads, but they're now closed and any links in them no longer work.


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Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?

You can leave a review wherever you would like, including this thread or starting a new thread. Keep in mind any private information you would include such as names, employee ID #s, etc... are not allowed in this forum.

If you want to include information such as that, you should mail your review to the following address:

Verizon Wireless

ATTN: Correspondence Team

PO Box 5029

Wallingford, CT 06492

Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?
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We always want to make sure that your review/feedback is heard about our employees. I can assist with making sure I provide review/feedback to the correct channel. I’m going to send you a Private Message so that I can gather much needed information to help. Please respond back to me in the Private Message to continue.

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Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?

Can you please private message me so I can give an employee review. My email address is [Removed] thanks

personal information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service

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Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?
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I would alo like to leave a review for a store’s employees.  This store is located 23114 Allen Road - Woodhaven, MI. 48183.  Their telephone number is (734)-362-1083.  All of the employees. And I mean ALL of the employees are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  What stands out even more than the above is their true desire to help; not only the customers, but each other.  It is a pleasure to shop there, and I always leave happy and knowing more about my devices.  Kudos to all, including management.

Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?
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