Why do you need a copy of my wife's social security CARD?

My wife tried to move from her parents family share plan to her own plan. Already a Verizon customer, she was asked to fax her social security CARD to corporate verizon. When asked why her card is needed and not all others who sign up, she was told this was a "Random" policy, like being selected at TSA. This did not make her feel very comfortable in sharing such personal information. Is anyone able to provide a better answer as to why her card is needed? She has excellent credit and is already a customer! If she gets no answer, she is going to AT&T.

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michaellowell324 We never want our customers to feel unsecure when doing business with us. To better explain and correct, anytime a new account is started a social secuirty number is needed. When someone is on a different account and moves to their own (This is called an Assumption of Liability) The line has to be placed under a valid SSN. Your wife wants her line under her ssn and not her parents. This is common and mandatory practice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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She does not have an issue providing her social security number in order to perform the background check- she did so. The issue we are having it that she was then told that she needed to fax her drivers license and social security card in order to complete the credit check. When she asked why, the answer was "just because". She asked if everyone had to do this, and was told no. So she asked why SHE in particular needed to, and no one could answer that question. She does not feel comfortable doing this, and she should not have to if it's not required of everyone.

She would like to be able to set up her account without faxing her social security card, like many other people are able to. Can you please let me know who we can contact to make that happen?


A new customer? I’ve been a customer of  Verizon for over 20 years and they requested I email a photo of my social security card and drivers license, to complete my order for a phone upgrade. My credit score is 830, I’ve never missed a payment in over 20 years. Time to switch!