Why does the best coverage cell company have the worst customer service?
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After 10 lines & 10years of abuse by Verizon, their lack of any meaningful customer service has made me resolve to completely leave them


I may not move to a better service, but unless people show Verizon, we refuse to be abused, they will never change


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We value your 10 years of loyalty and the last thing we want is to lose your business. Our goal is always to provide world class support and I'm very sorry to hear that you haven't experienced that. We would love the opportunity to turn that around and win you back. What has you feeling this way? How can we help?



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Completely agree I just had a supervisor silent on my phone for over right hours called on because I was lied to about a ticket made last week issue still not fixed first supervisor gave me rant before hanging up seems depends on who you ask in ticket get different answers chat is no better