22000 - Google verification code text messages or Scam?
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Has anyone else been receiving strange "google verification" codes from the short code number 22000? I did a google search and found out that many other people have received similar text messages here: http://shortcodes.org/uncategorized/22000-short-code/

It's confusing as many people are stating that they have received messages that were spoofing the number pretending to be google, but I also noticed one comment stating that it may very well be google as 22000 is the official short code number for Google.

Either way, it's very annoying and I wish these messages would stop.

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Re: 22000 - Google verification code text messages or Scam?
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That's the number where I got my Google verification codes from. However I was expecting them whenever I received them. If you are receiving them and you are not expecting them, then you should review your security settings with your Google/Gmail account.

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Re: 22000 - Google verification code text messages or Scam?
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As Ann154  stated, you normally only get these verification codes when you attempt to log into your account when you have two factor authentication enabled on your Google account. There is a possibility that someone is attempting to log into your account which is causing these codes to be sent to the phone number that is listed on your Google account’s Security Login Settings. You may want to update your Google password to be safe.