Disney plus promotion not working
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I upgraded to unlimited plan to take advantage of free Disney +, was able to validate in Verizon app, but when directed to Disney web site I was prompted to pay for a month or a year. So it does not work. I am 3 phone calls in to Verizon customer support and tech support and 2 phone calls to Disney support. They each say the other is responsible. The reference was given, an escalation to pull out SPC escalation form was submitted. Disney support applied for a refund for the $6.99 I paid this month and it was denied. The reference number above showed in Disney that I did not have a valid active account for the promotion. Today I spoke to Val at Verizon who just kept saying it was valid and up to Disney to honor it. NO HELP AT ALL. If this is not resolved soon then I will just go back to a cheaper plan and change providers. I cant spend hours on the phone just to be told its the other guy. 

Re: Disney plus promotion not working
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Hello, Charlotte24. We want to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of the offer. I understand that an escalation has been submitted. Have you heard any word back, what time frame was provided? -ChrisM_VZW