How Do I File A Formal Complaint?

I'm on a Samsung J3V. My phone did an update last night and now some things that have always worked, don't. I work from my phone and not having functionality cost my time and time is money, not to mention the headache and hassle of resolving this problem which I document here.

I need to be able to send documents via text message. After the update now I can't.

  • From Messages (standard text message app) I can't access My Files. (See first image.) I can access Camera and Gallery and Other. Other contains: Images, Video Audio, Voice Record, Memo, Calendar, Location, Contacts. There is no option to access My Files which contains documents and files that I need to send via text. (And no, it won't scroll left, right, up or down for more options.)
  • From Adobe Acrobat there is no Message options in the share menu. (See second image.) I used to be able to share a document from there are: Link Share, Email, Gmail, Add Card to Trello, Bluetooth, Share to Drive, Wi-Fi Direct - no Messages

Screenshot_1.jpg     Screenshot_2.jpg     Screenshot_3.jpg

Everything else works fine. I can send and receive email. Download and upload documents to email (My Files is accessible via email!) (See third image.) And I will reiterate. I have always been able to access My Files from Messages and Messages from Adobe Acrobat until today, after the phone update.

This would all be no problem if customer service had a clue. Here's what happened when I called customer service to try to get back the lost functionality.

I contacted Verizon Customer Service. Two different people were not able to find anything in their system about the problem. They assured me they would stay with me until this problem was resolved. I asked if it would be more effective to transfer me to a technical support person that could access my phone and see what I'm seeing. (They've done that in the past when they couldn't solve the problem - the tech guys solved the problem.) But, she said no, she would be able to resolved it for me. Then she didn't and transferred me to someone else. The next person said we'd need to contact Samsung directly. She repeated (like the 1st person) that she would stay with me through the process until the problem was resolved. She put me on hold. A few minutes later and different person who clearly was not an english speaker came on the line speaking what to me was jibberish. Clearly the Verizon person had transferred me to Samsung and was no longer on the line.

I asked this new person (Samsung now) to slow down and repeat herself clearly. She did slow down but insisted I was using a different name and number than she had. It took quite a lot to explain to her that I had been speaking to a Verizon Wireless rep and that the Verizon Wireless had called Samsung (and was now no longer on the line) and that the name and phone number she had was that of the Verizon Wireless and not me. It took 10 minutes for this person to understand that I was a Verizon customer who had been transferred to Samsung by Verizon Customer Service. From there it just got worse.

After 30 minutes on the phone she still didn't understand my problem. I asked repeatedly to be transferred to a supervisor. She argued that she could help me. Clearly she could not. She put me on hold to talk to her supervisor. When she came back on the line she said, "I talked to my supervisor and he said to tell you to go to Best Buy." [removed] !problem that you create with this update that you forced on me!  She finally transferred me. When the supervisor got on the phone he said "so you can't open a pdf file is that correct?" NO!!!! That is not correct!!!!! Even after explaining the problem to him, he too didn't get it. He proceeded to have me clear cache and data and insisted that this "troubleshooting protocol" would fix the problem. Guess what it didn't. Then he insisted I reset all my settings. I specifically asked him, "will this fix the problem or is this just what you do when you don't know what to do?" He clearly didn't understand either my original problem nor my hesitation and concern over him not understanding my problem. He insisted I reset the phone. I voiced, again, my concern that he didn't understand the problem and that if I reset it will cause more problems. He insisted I do as he says and added "ma'am we've been doing this for many years, I assure you this is what we need to do to troubleshoot the problem. Hit reset." I hit reset and guess what?  It reset my phone. Know what happens when you reset the phone while you're on a call? It disconnects the call.  80 minutes later my problem still exists, I'm angry and frustrated and on top of that I now have to go through all my apps and reset all of my settings - because that [removed] insisted I set it back to factory default.

So, I would like to file a formal complaint against Samsung customer service. And also against Verizon Customer Service. The Verizon Customer Service reps were pleasant and empathetic (unlike the Samsung reps) however their effusive refrain of "I will stay with you until this is resolved," was hallow and not true. Please tell me how to file formal complaints. I found no way to file a complaint or even submit formal feedback via the Verizon Wireless webiste and so have turned to this forum in an attempt to be heard.

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Re: How Do I File A Formal Complaint?
Verizon Employee

Thank you for reaching out to us, liefs. We want to ensure you are happy with your service. I've sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox at <> to discuss further details about your concern.

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