I keep receiving an "Adverse Action Letter"
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I have 2 LG G3's on my account, every month, I keep getting 1 or up to 3 "adverse action letters" stating that a device upgrade eligibility check was performed on my account. I am the only account manager authorized and the line this letter refers to is a child account.  I have a credit block on my account. Why am I getting these letters? What action or request is causing them?  And how can I prevent these "checks" from being performed?

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I've read about a lawsuit against Verizon for lack of disclosure regarding credit checks and an internal error where 80k customers receive this adverse letter. I never asked for a device from Verizon. I paid cash for my iPhone XR at the Apple store. The last thing I want is a payment plan for a device. I will not ever pay for a device monthly through Verizon.