Reactivate SIM Card

After being assigned a new phone number by my own request, I can no longer receive or send SMS or use phone.  My Samsung A51 does not recognize my new number, but still has the previous phone number listed in the About Phone section.  I have tried removing and reinserting my SIM card, but no difference.  How do I reactivate my SIM card?

Re: Reactivate SIM Card
Customer Service Rep

That's a great question. When you change your number, there's process to get the new number activated on the phone. Before we talk about activating your SIM card, let's make sure these steps were taken. Was the phone turned all the way off and then on again. After that, did you wait two to five minutes and then turn the phone all the way off and then on again. If not, please do that first. Then dial #832 to make a test call. Let us know how it goes. If still need help after that, we're happy to get your phone up and running on your new number. *Melissa