The keyboard voice-to-text icon (a microphone) has disappeared (in Marshmallow)
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I'm using an LG G3 with Marshmallow (Android 6.0, version VS98546A for the G3).  The key labeled with a picture of a microphone disappeared from all applications (text messaging, chatting, etc.) supporting speech-to-text capability.  This happened on March 4, almost two weeks after Marshmallow was installed and working fine.  After speaking with John (a VZW level 2 tech), we concluded that I had done nothing obvious to make this happen.  Nevertheless, the real concern was... How do I get it back?

The answer? Select the following:


Language & Input

LG Keyboard (Under Default)

SELECT MORE (Under Change keyboard)

Automatic (Under Google voice typing)

A master (i.e. hard) reset will probably do the job too, but this solution takes 10 seconds.

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The LG G3 I'm using is 1 year old. I do not have any of the options you mention under "More". I do not want to factory reset- no smart phonetics ever ownedvhas ever been the same-in a better way- after the reset. What now?!

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I wish I would have searched this forum to find the answer instead of calling Verizon today. I purchased the Samsung6 in April 2016 and loved the microphone on the keyboard on my older models. When I called to ask about it they blamed Samsung and their "marshmallow update" ad told me there was no fix and to call Samsung and let them know how unhappy I was.  I did call Samsung to find out that indeed there is a fix for it.

Go to your keyboard and hold down the gear key (where the microphone used to be) and when the microphone pops up hit and viola it has now replaced the gear key.

So my question is how do I get Verizon to let their customer service reps know the fix.   I  wasted 1.5 hours on the 2 phone calls so I hope this will help someone in the future..

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Thank you!!