Re: Tried to send a text, received this message: you have been blocked from originating messages to (insert phone number)
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I am having the same issue in trying to text my boss.  He can text me, but I cannot respond.

This issue started several months ago when using a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the messaging app that comes standard on the phone.

I thought it was an issue with my phone, so I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S20.  Still had the same problem.  Tried calling in for support, no one could help me.  I finally switched over the Verizon's messaging app and it miraculously started working.

Just now, however, the same issue started occurring using Verizon's messaging app and this error message appeared.  We were having a text conversation and all of the sudden with one text it just stopped going through.  This is a HUGE problem.  I'm getting tired of consistently trying to trouble shoot this.  This is nothing on his end and has to have something to do with Verizon.  PLEASE FIX IT!

Re: Tried to send a text, received this message: you have been blocked from originating messages to
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Thank you for the information. Being able to stay in touch with all of your contacts is important. I rely on texting as my main source of communication and I would be lost without it. Do your contacts also use Verizon Wireless and what is your ZIP Code? Have you noticed if this issue only happens while in a certain location? 

Re: Tried to send a text, received this message: you have been blocked from originating messages to
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This happened to me, the exact same message, because the person I was trying to text was using Straight Talk Wireless, and his account had run out of minutes/money.  Straight Talk is a prepaid wireless service that uses the Verizon network.  When the account runs dry, Verizon blocks the phone.  You can't send to it.  They can't receive anything.

They can't call or text you to tell you their phone is dead... because their phone is dead.

In my case, I was able to call the Straight Talk phone number (877-430-2355), choose Option #6 for tech support, enter my friend's phone number, and refill their account using a Service PIN from the back of a Straight Talk "No Contract 30-day Plan" refill card.  These are available at major stores in the gift card area.  You can use a credit card too if you go to and do the refill there.  You just need to know their number.

Once I refilled his account with minutes, I could text him immediately.

There are other services besides Straight Talk that use the Verizon network, so make sure you know what service they're using.

Hopefully this helps someone.

Re: Tried to send a text, received this message: you have been blocked from originating messages to
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Yup.  I'm currently experiencing the EXACT same thing when trying to text my boyfriend.  I have Verizon Wireless and he uses Straight Talk (a prepaid plan).  I have an iPhone and he has a Samsung Android.  We were texting just fine late last night and all throughout the very early morning hours with no problems.  Then, around 5:30 a.m. when I tried to text him, my text suddenly came back as not delivered and then I got a message saying "You have been blocked from originating messages to (his number)."  I tried texting a few more times and kept getting the exact same thing.  At first, I panicked and thought, "There's no way he blocked me!!!"  I then tried texting him from my work phone (also an iPhone on Verizon) and got the same result, so I immediately knew that it had to be an issue on his end since I was getting the same result on two different phones.  He does have another phone that he uses for business, so I texted him on that and it went through just fine on that one.  I let him know that my texts weren't going through on his other phone and sent him a screenshot of that "you have been blocked from originating" message.  I then called Straight talk and pressed option 6, entered his phone number, and it said his account was past due and it gave an option to reactivate, so as soon as I heard that, I immediately had my answer as to why my texts weren't going through to him.  Now, I just have to wait for him to renew his plan with Straight Talk and reactivate his phone!   He's at work right now, so I'm sure he'll take care of it as soon as he gets a chance!  At least now I know exactly what's going on and why my texts aren't going through!