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Hello, today I visited the Verizon store and also talked over the phone with a representative about switching over my phone service and upgrading my lifestyle. In the past I used have used my Verizon LG Cosmos 3. I brought it into the store and they said it no longer can be used on the Verizon network due to 5G. I called *611 and asked if there were any options Verizon has for purchasing a phone to be used for calling and texting only. I was told the only phones available for calling and texting service only have a number keypad, which is very hard to use for texting. My LG Cosmos has a lettered keyboard. The operator stated Verizon no longer has any compatible lettered keyboard type phones. I would like to provide feedback to Verizon that I would like to upgrade my lifestyle, not be addicted to technology overuse, get rid of my smartphone, and have more authentic social communication. Therefore I would like a phone only to be used for calls and texting, I still must communicate as required by my relationships in life. I find it disappointing that Verizon does not permit this lifestyle, unless you use a numbered keyboard, which is hard and slow to text. I am providing feedback and my opinion that Verizon should allow this freedom of choice, to at least allow one phone that has a keyboard for basic phone/text service. I know I’m being kind of a hippie here, but I am asking to at least allow me to have that choice freely.

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I also like keyboard phones too. (I've also specifically gotten them for my visually impaired mother). 

Verizon is not impacting this choice or lifestyle however, if you can ever find a basic phone with a keyboard compatible with the new network you can always activate it with your account, but the actual problem currently would be that the phone manufacturers haven't made any