So my debit card had expired so I put in my new card info, but it appears that it didn't take to autopay b/c that card wasn't set up to it . Do I have to re-sign up to it or something? I don't know how to change it. Under the support page it gives you a video on how to set up autopay but that is outdated as the home page looks nothing like that. My autopay usually comes out the 10th which is today. I'm worried I will wake up tomorrow and will not be able to use my phone. It says to add funds and when i first sign in it says it's been suspended, but i can still use it as of right now. I try to add funds, but it won't let me and says there's an error. I need this fixed asap. Someone pls help me. It also says my balance is 0 and that the next autopay is in 31 days. If that's the case why am I being told there's insufficient funds? And it's also not saying i'm good for the month. I usually get a text on the 10th saying I'm good and i haven't gotten one which is why I'm worried. Can anyone help me/

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Re: Autopay
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Rey587, thank you for being a valued customer and for contacting us today. We want to make sure you have service and can update your prepaid account. This public form is actually for post paid accounts. We do not have any access to prepaid accounts. Do not worry you can still call them for support.


Here are the steps to speak to a representative in prepay.

  1. Dial 888-294-6804
  2. Enter 1 for English.
  3. Enter your telephone number.
  4. Will advise you your balance.
  5. Press option number 2 for anything else.
  6. Then listen for option number 7 for other options.
  7. Then it will ask you to speak your reason for calling.
  8. When it asks for the reason for calling enter the number 7.
  9. Then press option number 3 to speak to a representative. 


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