Double Data on New Prepaid Loyalty Plans

I've been a Verizon Prepaid customer for several years now and haven't had an issue until now. 

With the release of the new "Loyalty Programs" I found out that I could be grandfathered into the $40/5GB plan at the $30/month price (I'm gonna get it for $25/month from here on out with auto-pay 😁). I'm coming from the $50/Month plan with 8GB of data, with a Double Data promo.

Upon switching to the new plan, I noticed that the Double Data promo is still listed on my account, but I'm not being credited the additional 5GB of data. 

Any news on this or should I call support again only to be told that the promo isn't compatible with my new plan? (Which I can totally understand, but if that's the fact why is the promo still listed on my account?)Verizon.JPG

Re: Double Data on New Prepaid Loyalty Plans
Customer Service Rep

Our newer Prepaid plans would not include the Double Data Promotion, but it may still be reflecting as a feature on your account, from when it was being applied to your previous plan. SarahS_VZW