Is activating a prepaid phone online possible

I'm trying  to activate a prepaid  Apple SE phone purchased elsewhere, deactivate my current Motorola phone,  re-use the  Verizon phone number I currently use on my  Motorola phone, and signup for a pre-paid plan  I tried  "switch devices"  online and failed  with an error message saying it couldn't be done online and to call a number. The phone call failed- no understanding of what I wanted done.   Back online,  I tried the Prepaid plan menus and  got  further but in checking out , it asked me whether I wanted to keep my number. I said yes, entered it, and got an error  message  saying that the number I entered is already active and indicates I am already a Verizon customer ( which it knew since I had checked  that that AND was signed in) and to please verify or submit a new number? It basically stopped the process. Should I have tried ( if possible) to deactivate my current phone first? Or should I just go to a Verizon store?

Re: Is activating a prepaid phone online possible
Customer Service Rep

Completing an activation online is absolutely possible, this can be done from

Since you are experiencing issues with activating your new device, I would advise to check the IMEI(Device ID), you are able to do so with our BYOD Prepaid link here : This is to ensure that your device is compatible with our Prepaid network.

If you are moving from Postpaid services to Prepaid services, you will need to be in contact with our Telesales team, you are able to reach them at : 1-800-256-4646.