Moving from postpay to prepay

On 2/18/22 I changed my post pay plan to prepay (I payed $41 at the time) in order to take advantage of the cheaper monthly rate. Network limits are not a consideration because we have no cell coverage(rural North Idaho) here, I use internet online mode for my old Samsung J3. I went to Verizon center in CDA, ID and they said they were not allowed to change my plan but to call the Transfer Service number and they would take care of it. So, I did that and it was done, I thought. About a week ago I got a bill for my post pay service, as if nothing had happened. Well, apparently it never happened, except they took the $41 out of my account. I've placed support requests online (they show them as resolved a day or 2 later). I have live chatted, texted, phoned, and now I'm here. I have about 8 to 10 hours invested in this. Is there a Verizon tech with admin rights out there who can correct this?

Re: Moving from postpay to prepay
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As a valued customer, your account concerns are our concerns too. Thank you for providing such detailed information. We'd be more than glad to assist you with addressing and resolving your account billing concerns. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.


Since we will need account-specific details from you, we’ve sent you  a Private Message on this topic:




-Robert C.