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I have a landline when I set the call forward on the landline to call my iPhone 13. The incoming call either gets a message that the Verizon customer is unavailable or goes to an automated 

answering service. I have tested the landline by setting to another landline and someone else’s cell and it worked 

properly.  Seems to be only a problem with the two iPhone 13 on my account. Have called tech support with Verizon twice and still having problems 

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Re: Call forward
Customer Service Rep

Hi Starvinmarvin6! We understand how you feel about this situation, and it's not the experience we want you to have, please help us to do one more time the call forwarding on the devices you want to have this activated. 

In case this don't work please go to the nearest store so they can help you validating what si going on with this situation.