Grandfathered unlimited data plan no longer applies to applications after changing phones
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After being a customer for over two decades it looks like it's time to part ways with verizon wireless. Similar to others in the past, I have been on a grandfathered unlimited data plan for nearly two decades. My entire family uses verizon services because during 9/11 they were the only carrier that maintained signal. Most of the year, I have little need for the unlimited data but I paid the premium for it anyway because on occasion I need to travel for work and will need large amounts of data and didn't want to have to worry about it. 

Recently I got a new phone and in the past there were no issues if I bought it out of pocket, all the services transferred over fine. This time however, I got an error saying that my hotspot needed a subscription to work. Last night I called customer service and the rep "Taylor" who spoke with a southern American accent in a quiet room "resolved" the issue. I tested the hotspot which did work and then turned it back off.

Literally the next morning I received a text and email saying that my prorated data limit had been reached. Clearly something had changed. I called customer service again but this time it appears that I spoke to a non-English speaker in a busy call center. I only point this out because I find it odd that you can be connected to reps with such different workplace situations and backgrounds. The new rep "Anne" first told me that I only had a talk and text plan for 60 dollars a month and no data plan which of course is not true as I've been on an unlimited grandfathered plan for over ten years. It took some time just to get on the same page that I did have an unlimited plan. Once that was established, she then proceeded to tell me that the unlimited data plan I had did not include hotspot use or application services. This was not the case at any point until yesterday. In the month of January I used 20 gigs of mobile data and did not receive any notice of data caps and yet in one night I hit the new 4gig cap that had been placed on my account. I explained to her that something must have changed but she insisted nothing changed and that if I wasn't being charged for data usage besides web browsing and email before then it must have been a mistake. Why anyone would pay for data that doesn't include applications makes no sense to me. It's the same internet connection and data is data. I asked to have the issue escalated to her supervisor who was of no help either essentially parroting the rep.

After over a decade of using verizon wireless services and having payed tens of thousands of dollars to them over the years through my line and my family's lines. I will be happily cancelling my subscription with verizon due to their poor business practices. It's a shame as other than this one experience I have been happy with the coverage and service provided.

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Same thing happened to me, I called them to ask why this was happening and couldn’t get a straight answer from any of the Verizon customer service representatives. Each one of them told me that I shouldn’t be going through this just because I changed my phone, but other rude employees told me different. I went to the store to get help and they told me since I’m in a grandfathered plan they would absolutely not help me in store, that I had to call Verizon customer service if I need any type of help with my plan. Verizon convinced/forced me to change my plan because the lady said I can’t go back to my old plan because in their end I don’t have unlimited and is trying to charge me $800 for passing my data when I have unlimited. Just because we change our  phones doesn’t give them an excuse to change our plans unless we consent or change it ourselves., please make that make sense. I’ve changed my phone plenty of times and had no issue up until now. Im hoping for many other Verizon customers who have gone through this would sue them, I have plenty of proof that I’ve been having unlimited data for 20+ years. It’s something they tried to take me out off  twice, can you believe that? It’s upsetting. I’m also planning to change services with another company because if Verizon can change any plans without our permission or consent, that’s an invasion of our contract and privacy. They made these changes on their own without any repercussions and that is definitely not okay. ATT&T is the next step for me! Anyone who thinks of staying with Verizon don’t. 
All the stress/mental health issues they put me through for 2 whole weeks, calling countless of Verizon representatives isn’t worth my time to stay with a bad company like theirs. My health is more important not a company that doesn’t put their loyal 20+ years customer first. Sad…

Customer Service Rep

Hello, lamonstermash. Thank you so much for your many years of business as we love having you as our customer and would never want to see you leave. Being our customer for so many years, we have all seen many changes when it comes to the devices and plans. Let's work together to ensure you have the right plan to suit your usage needs. I have sent you a Private Message.