Wrong Verizon Promotion Applied
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There's a promotion going on right now where I can sign up for Unlimited plus and get a free iphone 15.

When I got the iphone 15 and got the bill online it was for a different promotion, and it stated it was for unlimited ultimate with a $540 credit.  So now I'm stuck paying for unlimited ultimate for 3 years instead of unlimited plus. Customer support chat said there was no way to change the promo, or even change the phone plan.

They also had to give 3 of my lines temporary numbers, and are now charging me for those 3 temporary numbers activation fee+plan. 

My expected bill for 2 bring your own phone plans and 2 free iphone 15 was supposed to be  25+25+30+30=110.

Now its looking more like 25+25+30+40=120


Re: Wrong Verizon Promotion Applied
Customer Service Rep

We want you to get the promotions you qualify for and would like to review your situation a little closer. I'll be sending a Private Message, please reply to it, so we can get started.