upgrading to hulu ad-free how to
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Took me about 5 tries but I finally got the disney bundle with hulu no ads billing correctly. Here's how, finally got it working (I do believe I did this about 3 times previously but I called hulu for the 2nd time for a refund of the overcharge and she cancelled my whole sub on her end maybe in order to give me the refund.) After the chat, I resubscribed to hulu no ads at full price, then went to  verizon and cancelled disney plus add-on, then re-enrolled in disney plus bundle and clicked through to disney from verizon, then from disney plus to hulu (I think this is the key, I closed the hulu account window and linked to hulu from disney, had to sign back in using my existing login info and voila). My hulu account now shows the hulu no ads and the verizon credit so that I am finally paying hulu only for the no ads upgrade. 

Key points:

be sub'd to hulu no ads before you (re) enroll in disney plus bundle and follow links from verizon to disney to hulu. Do not just type hulu dot com into your browser—it won't link up to verizon/disney that way. It should link just because you're using the same email address all around but it doesn't. You do have to use the same email address as well as do the above steps.

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Re: upgrading to hulu ad-free how to
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Thanks for clarifying the steps you took.  Seems a bit ridiculous Verizon hasn’t streamlined this process to make it simple and straightforward, instead of having to jump through hoops.