Cloud Storage Removed
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I have been a loyal customer for more than 20 years,  last week I had the need to check for old photos which I've trusted to be saved in my Cloud account, sadly I discover that It had been complete wipped out.  I've been paying for cloud services more than 10 years and storing my entire life and important documents there.  Confused and completely horrified I called the customer service line twice and held two- hour long conversations to get to no resolutions.  It appears in February there was an upgrade/change made on my line that i was not aware of. Also, I was not aware the change conflicted with Cloud.  They sent an email advising of changes and 30 period to take action to avoid removal of Cloud.  Well, I'm a very busy person, I don't ready every email that i get, i get too many emails from a bunch of companies each day.  I've Cloud for 10+ years, more than 33k photos and videos saved there, important documents, etc.  My brother passed a year ago, I had all my brother's pics there.  Paying 10+ years of service to be given a 30 day notice by email is unacceptable.  How about calling your loyal client and sending letters?  Or provide a better time period to take action?  30days over 10 years of paid services, really??? I'm frustrated that no one can assit me restoring my information, such a big successful company should have ways to restore this kind of data.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO,  PLEASE MAKE THIS RIGHT FOR ME. 

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Re: Cloud Storage Removed


a similar thing is happening with me. can you please tell me if you were able to get your storage back? 20+ years of my life is just gone also. Any help is appreciated.