Getting Random Texts on my New Phone Number

So I JUST got a new number and phone last week, but I've been getting random texts and one mysterious call from numbers I don't know. All the numbers are from the same area code as my new number. However, none of them are solicitous spam, they all seem to be "personal" messages (Except for an extremely suspicious one inviting me to a "party" at an address that couldn't be located on google maps). They consisted of a girl sending a group text about having a new number, several Happy Thanksgiving messages, and one that said "U coming home for break?" None of them ever mentioned names as to who exactly they were addressing, though.

I haven't dared to message back or call these people, just out of paranoia they are real scammers.

I'm assuming my supposed "new phone line" given by Verizon was actually a recycled phone line. I don't know any of these people, if they ARE even people.

I called 611 and the guy just told me to block the numbers. HOWEVER, if I'm getting them EVERY DAY from NEW numbers, that doesn't help me at all. Then he told me to change my phone number, which I am considering, but what if it's just another phone line that's been recycled? The process repeats and eventually Verizon will force me to pay for the charge of changing my phone number. =/

I'm mostly appalled at the fact that I'm pretty sure Verizon knows my number isn't NEW and they deliberately play dumb.

Can anyone help me out here?

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I read or heard somewhere that phone numbers are supposed to be out of circulation for 6 months before being reassigned to a new line - to avoid situations like you are describing.  Unfortunately, companies don't seem to want to abide by this, or they don't have enough numbers in their inventory to wait 6 months before re-using a number.... so you get calls and texts intended for the previous owner of the number.

If you haven't had the number long and switching would be less of a hassle than all the unwanted communications, you could try another number.  It may or may not be an improvement.  Change your number at the start of your next billing cycle to avoid prorating... and you can change it due to harassment without a charge.


Sometimes it's because they don't own the number. Say you had the number from Sprint(issuer), and you ported over. Once you change that number it'll go back to Sprint.