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Corporate Complaints about customer service

How can talk to someone in corporate complaints department?  Customer service is a joke. We got totally [removed] by Verizon and can't get a rep to understand the issue and figure out how to fix it or what I need to do to fix it.

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Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

Well that's the avenue you have to follow. Even if you go through social media u will deal with customer care. What was the issue, which you didn't mention?

Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service
Sr. Member

Chain of Command:

Customer has issue

Customer Calls Customer Service

CS gets all details

CS attempts to resolve

     IF: unable to resolve

     THEN: CS escalates to another department (if applicable) or supervisor

     OR: if able to resolve

     THEN: happy customer

Supervisor asks for brief description of issue from representative (to get agents perspective)

Supervisor asks for customers perspective

Supervisor attempts to resolve

     IF: Unable to resolve

     THEN: SUP escalates to another dept. or gives customer instructions on how to reach a different dept that cannot be reached via telephone.

Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service
Customer Support

Jes76-We strive to provide the best customer service, I'm troubled that you have been let down. I certainly want to turn things around and see what we can do to get things back on track. What seems to be going on?

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Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

I'm having the same issue and customer service doesn't seem to care anymore.  We have stayed with Verizon because ever since we were customers they have always been so friendly and willing to do anything to keep you happy.  Now I have Managers basically saying see ya we don't care what the problem is.

I don't think they are even reading their own boards.  This is a major complaint all over this platform.

If I see another post that says "we don't want to lose you as part of our family"  I think I will be sick.  REALLY!  There are thousands of people with the largest cellular company and they have this many issues.

Jes76 let me know if you get anywhere with them....sadly I don't think you will.  they don't care

Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

We have been extremely let down and disappointed by Verizon customer service or whatever it is you wanna cal it. Two days, two calls over 1 1/2hrs of waiting with zero resolution. Ummmm, figure your shit out Verizon or you will continue your slide into third place. And please don't patronize me with some minions response apologizing with your scripted template of apologies. If you really cared you wouldn't see all these complaints.

Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

I'd like to know that to.  I have posts that prove they don't want to help you.  You are just a number!  The agents on this post that answer say they want to help but when you tell them what's wrong they never answer you and don't take care of anything.

Could AmberK_VZW just be an automated computer that generates "we care about you" messages with no intent do actually DO anything.  I've been waiting over a week since the last VERIZON Customer support agent posted "you aren't just a number" my post as you can see it's been 1 week and NOTHING @AmberK_VZW 

Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

Typical for Verizon customers

Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

It is ironic that a company that sells phone plans makes it so difficult to talk to an actual human being.  It is surprising that a telecommunications company avoids using the phone to talk to customers.  Why does Verizon hate their customers so much that it is *impossible* to get a human being to talk to customers? Why does Verizon avoid talking? This company spends millions on advertising to get new customers but then ignores them?  It is extremely rude to always connect me to this time wasting online chat room process.  Please send me a human being and never route my calls to these silly customer no service chat rooms.  I don't want to waste my time trading paragraph jumbles in cyberspace.  I deserve to be treated with respect.  Why does Verizon treat me like a second class citizen who is not worthy of talking to an actual company representative in real time?  I am really disappointed with the way that Verizon treats their customers.

Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

I was coming to a different company I already had bad Customers service I want to know why I should have better treatment.