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Correspondence team


Does anybody have a direct phone number for the correspondence team?????

Upgrading both phones on our account has been a never-ending nightmare.

On 10/31/15, the Verizon website said I was eligible for an early phone upgrade for both phones on our account. It sounded like a good deal, throughout the entire process the website was very clear that I would only need to trade in one phone, our gold iphone 6. It even gave me the option to sell my other phone if I wanted to. I clicked the sell my phone option and answered the 3 questions regarding the condition. It said they would buy it for $350. I decided I would rather give it to a family member. At the very final checkout page on the website it was still very clear that I would only need to trade in the one phone, the very top of the page said that I would need to send in our gold iphone 6 or else I would be charged “a non-return fee of up to $199”. I looked over everything very carefully and I took a screenshot to make sure I sent back the correct phone. Everything sounded like a good deal, so I went through with it.


Several weeks later I got a notification that my other phone (black iphone 6 plus, that I never agreed to send in) was not received and I would be billed for it. I called customer service and explained my situation. The customer service representative apologized and said she would take care of it.


About one month later I received my bill. I was shocked to see that I was being charged $330 for a non return fee for something that I never agreed to send in, and for something that was supposedly taken care of!! I called customer service and spoke to a supervisor. He said he would need to see my screenshot showing that the website only asked for the one phone, but he was unable to help me because he doesn’t have access to any external email! He said if I could take my screenshot in to a local store and show it to a manager, they should be able to help me resolve this.


The local store manager took a look at my screenshot and agreed the website made it clear that I only needed to send in the one phone like I did, but there was nothing he could do as he is only authorized to correct errors made by his employees. He said he would add notes to my account documenting he saw proof the website only wanted one phone sent in for both phone upgrades. He said I should call the customer service number again and they should be able to resolve this with his notes.


So, I called the customer service number and spoke to another supervisor who said the previous supervisor I spoke with was incorrect, even with notes there was nothing he could do for me about the non return fee on his end. He said I would need to send a letter with my screenshot to the correspondence department and they should be able to help me resolve this. He said I would need to pay my current bill with the exception of the $330 non return fee, and then when it goes to collections to call “financial services” and they will place a hold on that amount until the correspondence team can resolve it.


So I did that, I sent a letter to the correspondence team like were living in 1985 and I would wait to get something back.


After the $330 went overdue I called “financial services” to have them to place a hold on that amount. They said they never do that and I would need to pay my entire bill. I paid the whole $550 bill and luckily they waived the $5 late fee that wasn’t my fault.


The other day while I was at work, I received a missed phone call from “Michelle” from the correspondence team. She left a voicemail with no information other than I should call back 611 on my cell phone or 1-800-922-0204. I called back the 800 number and they looked at the notes and had no idea what to tell me. I asked if I could get a direct number or if they could send a message to “Michelle” to call me back, and they said they couldn’t!! What kind of company can’t accept any external email or can’t even send anything to each other internally and relies on the mail for this type of thing??


I think it’s ridiculous that I would have to send another letter to Michelle at the correspondence team, asking for her to call me back, but this was the only option I was given.


I really hope someone can help me by removing this $330+ fee that shouldn’t be my fault. I’ve been a happy Verizon customer for years, and was planning on staying for a very long time… but this whole upgrade situation has been horrible. What I agreed to on the website is something completely different than what I’m being billed for.

This is my last attempt to resolve this before I file a complaint with the BBB, FCC and take this to court. With as many people I’ve gone through and as much time as I’ve wasted on this, I’m starting to feel like its Verizon’s policy to just pass you on to another person at the company until you finally give up. I just want them to honor what I signed up for on the website, it shouldn’t be that complicated.



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Re: Correspondence team

Yep this is Verizon and they are good at lying and stealing 

Re: Correspondence team

Apple said and suggested we get their phones from there but can keep plans we have with Verizon but just get the phones from there better and get right help