AOL spam filter

Within the past few weeks I have been plagued by missing work emails.  Come to find out that the aol spam filter has suddenly started grabbing half my emails and not sending them through to me. I have also found there is no way around this that I can find.  There is no way to whitelist any address or turn this spam filter off.  This unwanted spam filter has stopped mail from my job, mortgage, and even from Verizon!  There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind what their spam filter grabs since I'm still getting 2 and 3 duplicate spam emails coming through on my regular email.  Someone please help.

Re: AOL spam filter

Yes, it is a stupid system.  I tried to get them to fix it to no avail.  I guess I should try again.  My issue is that it blocks things one day and not the next.  You can actually send the same email again and it will go through.  I asked for a simple fix, just let me block no spam using their system.  I use Thunderbird and do not want to use the browser.  However, that does not fit their new business model to sell ads while you are looking at your email.