Questions about the Verizon/AOL webmail
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I had some questions about this new email.  I like the email, but i have a couple quesitons here.  I emailed them in to AOL with the feedback button ,but they eventually say to call in after they cant answer them. I called in and the woman that answered had no clue and didnt realize the aol email is owned by Verizon and i need her to support that.  ANyway, she put me on hold for 10 minutes and then it disconnected.  not good.

So i noticed with this email that if i resize that preview pane, that it does not remember that setting when i log out and go back in.  Also, if i adjust that compose column on far left , same deal.  It does not remember the setting.   It does, however, remember the setting on the From column so if you adjust that it stays.

Any idea why the other 2 do not stay set to where you adjust them to??

Re: Questions about the Verizon/AOL webmail
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Hope they can help you.

Let us know .