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Where is this spam filter????? Over 800 emails and it caught 8 spams????

Is there something missing? this is why I dont use the email and soon not to use the internet from verizon...

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Good afternoon,

The spam detector can be found by logging in to your email at then going to Settings, Email Settings (on the left) and to SPAM Detector.

It's important to clarify that while the SPAM Detector is created to stop SPAM emails from coming to our inbox, it can not be depended on to catch 100% of emails that you may consider SPAM.  Additionally, avoiding SPAM is not always easy as Spammers have learned to adapt and may often work around the filter.  Also, we must also advise that when SPAM detector and blocking are enabled, emails that may not typically be considered SPAM, can end up in these folders.

Have you, other than turning on the Spam detector, tried to create blocked senders lists?  Given the amount of unwanted email that you're getting, it may not be a feasible option but if you choose to use blocking, please go to Settings, Email Settings, Blocking.  You can add email addresses or domains.

More information on Verizon's Spam detector can be found here:

Hope this helps but please, feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 


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Or, Verizon, you could do a better job of blocking spam at the server level. Verizon used to be very good job at blocking spam, but something changed on Verizon's end. There are too many people being affected by this now. Google blocks every single spam email that Verizon isn't blocking. Many people know this because we've forwarded our Verizon email to Google.

Verizon - please stop giving scripted, stock answers when there is a problem and just fix the {word filter avoidance} problem. If Google can do it then why can't Verizon?

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Went into my sub-account, get an ERROR when I select checkbox for SPAM detector.  Works only on my primary account...tons of SPAM are same messages that are filtered on the primary email address.

" no refund as email is FREE"