Verizon webmail not working correctly with IE9 or with Chrome

I'm very frustrated with Verizon webmail since the migration to the new pages. If I open webmail with IE9 (Windows 7 platform), I'm unable to print emails using the print button within webmail, and cannot open links within the body of emails.

If I open with Chrome, not all of the features will show up. This morning, all that showed up was the boxes to enter email addresses, but everything below it is blank. If the message body box shows up, the attachment box is blank. 

I'm also having emails not send but display a message in red text saying that the Email Requires Authentication. It then takes all my text and removes formatting, so there are no spaces or line returns. It's just a bunch of text in a big block. 

When I save a Draft and try to open to Edit it before sending, all formatting is lost. 

What is going on with this new system? This is our primary business email. It's critical it work properly.

Re: Verizon webmail not working correctly with IE9 or with Chrome
Master - Level 3

Please go into Internet Explorers "Tools" menu and click to turn on "compatibility view". It should allow you to sort after doing that. If you do not wish to enable compatibility view every time you want to sort,  Go into compatibility view settings and add the site to the list.