Webmail - Spam Detector Tool
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I have spent hours with Verizon support personnel concerning this non-functioning tool. The support person could not tell me why it doesn't work, but instructed me to forward all my spam messages to spamdetector.update@verizon.net and this was supposed to stop the enormous amount of spam messages I receive. Although I did not think that was the solution, I did it anyway - now I receive more spam than ever. FIX THIS TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Webmail - Spam Detector Tool

the way that I understand the spam button to work, is that it sends a flag to verizon's spam program, and it gets logged, and when X amount of people do something similiar it then begins rejecting it by adding a rule.  so it doesn't immediately begin blocking that message.   So you have to hit spam to report it, and then you have to acutally block the sender using the filters and rules.    

SPAM Detector tool - incoming only

What does SPAM DETECTOR tool do?

Your ability to communicate with family or friends can be hindered by unsolicited email or "spam". If you have your SPAM Detector ON, it will sift and catch unsolicited emails sent to your email account and either present them in the SPAM Detector folder or delete them. (Note: You can adjust your SPAM Detector settings in the Settings/Email Settings tab within Message Center.)

Furthermore, if there are emails you deem as SPAM, you can “Mark as SPAM” by selecting the email from your email inbox list view and select SPAM icon from top menu bar. It will put the email in your SPAM Detector folder and send an email to the VZ Abuse team and third party vendor to evaluate. If it is deemed SPAM, SPAM Detector definitions/rules will be updated.

Please note that marking email as SPAM does not add the email to the Blocked Senders list. Furthermore, SPAMMERs rarely use the same email address more than once to send SPAM.