Charged for a Galaxy Watch that was returned to Verizon for missed delivery

I ordered a Galaxy Watch 5 back in February 2023 to upgrade my aging Galaxy Watch 1. I was home for the delivery person and they never even knocked on the door and proceeded to drive off and marked me as not home. I was unable to make the next two days due to work and college. The carrier returned the watch back to Verizon several days later I proceeded to contact support and try to clarify the situation but was not helped. I ordered another Galaxy Watch several weeks later because I needed to get rid of the old watch. The first watch was marked delivered back to the Verizon warehouse and after contacting customer support they said not to worry about it. I check my bills because its about to be tax time and I need to account for any expenses. Now here we are into the next year where I am apparently still being charged for the first watch that was undelivered. This is unacceptable Verizon to charge someone for something that was never delivered in the first place.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Iamkitkatbar, thanks for reaching out in reference to your previous order. We can help take a closer look and further assist with your concern. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Message.